key benefits of Precious Metals trading

Trade influential markets to gain access to popular metals and energy products. It enable you to speculate in both rising and falling markets, with FXGATE you understand the true power of the trading . Get the opportunity to speculate in new markets and hedge against changing inflation.

Precious metals requires no physical purchase of the commodity, it can be a great asset to diversify your trading strategy; as global markets, supply and demand are not driven by any one country in particular but the world as a whole. You can buy or sell to take advantage of both rising and falling markets without any additional commission charges applied.

FXGate offers all precious metals with the same leverage as you find on currency pairs, meaning up to 100:1 is available. All symbols are available in MT4 platform, along with the Android, and Apple mobile devices – allowing you access to these markets wherever you are in the world.

Gold and Silver are popular with investors as they have long been considered a store of value and therefore, a “safe haven”. These safe-haven assets have historically held their value during times of economic and political uncertainty.

Precious Metals Tick Size Average Spread TP/SL Min Level (Points) Standard Contact Size
Per Lot
Min Trade Size (Lots) Max Trade Size (Lots)
XAUUSD 0.01 $ 0.24 10 100 Troy oz 0.01 100
XAGUSD 0.01 $ 0.03 100 5000 Troy oz 0.01 100

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